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Women's news Launch of an education course on "Women's issues in the Arab region" in Hurghada

Women's issues in the Arab region "in Hurghada News Source: News Today – Egypt Today with details of the news Launch of an educational session on" Women's issues in the Arab region "in Hurghada:

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Dr. Fadia Kiwan, director general of the Arab women's organization, opened the educational session on "Women's issues and gender in the Arab region", held in Hurghada on May 15 and 16, welcomed the participants and also discussed the rise of the Arab Women's Organization. Arab women in that development.

In the first session of the educational session, Dr. presented Hind Mustafa, head of the Research and Publishing Unit at the organization, a paper entitled "The Arab Women's Movement in the International Movement on Women's Issues", in which she spoke about the rise of women's consciousness in the Arab region, starting at the end of the nineteenth century, under the Arab women's movements, and emphasizes the participation of Arab women delegates at international women's conferences since 1923.

The paper was about the formation of the Arab Women & # 39; s Committee in 1971, the establishment of the Arab Women Organization as an idea in 2000 and then as an active institution in 2003, and its role in raising women's issues within the international movement led by the United Nations in contemporary times. She explained the stages of the development of international discourse on women's issues and the most important stations that have gone through these phases.

Dr. presented during the second session Fedaya gave a presentation on gender theory and related concepts and discussed the concept of gender as a cultural concept that refers to the roles, opportunities and status of women as opposed to the concept of sex, which refers to physiological education. She explained the reality of gender relations in the Arab region and discrimination against women At different locations and current government efforts to improve women's reality and promote their rights, and the role of various relevant bodies, including the media, in building a culture of friendship for women .

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