10 years in prison for Judge Zagazig accused of receiving bribes

The Cairo Criminal Court, held Tuesday in Abbasiya, sentenced a former court judge in Zagazig to 10 years in prison on charges of bribery.

The Tribunal declared five suspects, including two former members of the People's Assembly, free from punishment under Article 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and sentenced three others to five years in prison.

The case, which carried the number 814 for the year 2017, included the safety of a higher state. Nine defendants were: Saber Nasr Ghalab (59 years), a judge of the Mansoura Appeal Court of the Zagazig Court and Sweilem Halil Al-Rubaie (51 years) (60 years), the owner of Compaq Engineering Industries and the Arab Union of Packets , Nayef Ahmad Jirah Allah (62 years old), former MP of Minya Al-Qahm, Sharqia and Abdel Rahim Saad Abu Qashimou (57 years) The Ismaili and Ramzi Ahmed Ghaith and his fame "Ramzi Ghaith" (71 years).

The order for reference, drawn up by the public prosecutor, stated that the first suspect, as a public official, was the head of the criminal court of the Mansoura court. At the time of his request, A thousand pounds, of which 300 thousand pounds, as a bribe and named Freih Halil and defendants in case No. 8824 for the year 2013 crimes Abu Hammad Center.

He added that the first suspect asked the third defendant, the amount of £ 100,000 bribery in exchange for a lighter penalty against his brother Omri Morsi Omri al-Sayed, by the seventh and ninth defendant, as requested by the fourth suspect, the amount of £ 100,000 bribery in exchange for a lighter penalty on each of the high-security Eid and Abdullah Salama Rafi, with the eighth defendant.

In July, Ayman Sayyed Hasouna, 36, a secretary of the Zagazig criminal court, was surprised by the offer of the accused Mustafa Saleh Suleiman, in exchange for providing information about the case and manipulating his papers for acquittal. receiving the second suspect and his brother from the assassination attempt, addressed to the administrative control authority.

Immediately the men were informed of the administrative checks and during the recordings of the suspect the authenticity of the communication was revealed. In one of the calls the agreement between the first suspect and the suspects came to the meeting and he received the bribe on August 14 in Zagazig City. The judge records his telephone calls and photographs his encounters with the accused.

By canceling the records, a telephone call was found between the seventh accused judge who informed him about his completion of the sum of £ 400,000, and the first asked him to bring one of the witnesses of exile to the hearing held on 16 August was to complete the case.

The seventh accused admitted that he had paid bribes to the judge, stressing that since 1999 he has received bribes from legal seekers to issue mitigating sentences and to dismiss them from punishment.

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