100 thousand pounds for information about the child Yusuf

In our belief in our mission, we have decided to pay attention to the missing people in the hope of helping their families to find them because the number of disappeared people disappears day after day.

So please help us find the child Yusuf Mohammed Saber al-Adawi, who was absent from his family from the area of ​​Faisal, the Government of Giza, since October 9, 2014, when he was 3 years old and was born in 2011.

Joseph's mother said that this day will never forget him, Joseph went with his sister to buy some of the supermarket's needs, which was under their house, and then continued to cry until his sister left him for a while the supermarket on Ahmed Hussein Street, his tears agreed with his sister and left him and went to the house, to give them what she bought, and then it came to her surprise that his mother knew that a woman grabbed him and a tuk -tuk installed and he screamed.

They went to the drivers of the taktak and came to the driver with whom the hairdresser Yusuf had resigned. He said that the vantage point had landed somewhere else in the Faisal area at Bank Misr, but they were looking for him everywhere. They did not find him, so their only solution was to declare a reward of £ 100,000. With all the information that gives access to it.

The family appeals to citizens who have information about Yusuf or his missing persons. Call or call: 01140500385

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