3 images of the Mecca swept "Facebook" on the first day of the party

It is said that the Egyptian people are passionate, the tears in the vicinity of sadness, and also joy, and this is what happened after yesterday's activists dispersed various images revealing unexpected humanitarian positions that occurred on the first day of Eid al-Adha.

The beginning was from the mosque of the leader Ibrahim in Alexandria, where a person took a picture of a young girl in the pre-primary phase who goes to pray with her father and waits until he kneels during the prayer to kiss him, the image that Media Media has gone through the last few hours.

It is also repeated in the Eid prayer, but this time in Cairo after the spreading of a photograph of a doctor at Hussein University Hospital for a sick child, to pray with him in the Al-Azhar mosque, not to the joy van Eid because of his illness, he feels sad.

The last photo was from the Sayeda Zeinab area, where activists exchanged photos of a small child who embraced the lamb that brought his father to the victim to prevent them from slaughtering. The child cried with a burning voice in an attempt to dissuade the family from this decision.

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