$ 307.5 .. The price of tons of "sugar" today

The details of this news are $ 307.5 .. The price of a ton of "sugar" today

LONDON (Reuters) – Sugar prices fell globally on commodity exchanges, and the London Stock Exchange reported approximately $ 307.5 on Friday for white sugar, at $ 323 per ton.

Ahmed Amer, expert in commodity exchanges, said the worldwide decrease in the price of sugar will certainly affect the prices of the local market in Egypt and the price of tons of sugar from £ 8,000 to £ 7,600, and is expected to it will continue to fall.

Amer said the reasons for the decline were due to the increase in world production from 173.98 million tonnes to 191.813 million tonnes, in addition to the fear of large exports to India, which increased production from 22,200 million tonnes to 32,445 million tonnes.

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