& # 39; Finance & # 39; is considering a currency coin category of two coins to be issued … Masrawy

& # 39; Finance & # 39; is considering issuing a currency coin category of two coins

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


The Treasury Department is currently considering issuing a new currency in the two-pound currency to make it easier for citizens, such as the same category of coins that some Arab and European countries offer to alleviate their citizens.

The ministry said Tuesday in a press statement that it will be represented in the currency exchange, which in the next few days will place more quantities of relief coins from different categories to provide them with markets.

Abdul Raouf Al-Ahmadi, head of the Currency Exchange Department, said for his part that the end of the interest comes from the processing of large quantities of Fakkah for the Eid Al-Adha, who witnessed the commercial movement in which a remarkable recovery in the movement of sales and buying takes place.

The Head of the Authority said that during the current fiscal year, the introduction of larger quantities of coins introduced last year due to the increased production of the Ministry of Foreign Currency will largely affect the d. Mohammed Meait Minister of Finance.

He said that during the last fiscal year, all categories of the currency were traded, including 51 million metal coins, 26 million 50 piastres and 91,000 25 piastres, according to the plan and according to the needs of the market.

In turn, Major General Hossam Khadr, head of the General Treasury Department, said that the Authority allowed many public entities to assist in the categories of the pound (50 piasters, 25 piastres) and that the total monthly fakah is about 7 million pounds. , Liquidity in markets.

Khadr added that the Ministry of Finance allocates 250,000 pounds every day to the subway, which amounts to 40% of the total fakkah being put on the market. The governors receive 30% of the shares and 17% of the Egyptian Post Office. .

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