4 ministries discuss the revival of the Holy Family

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The Ministry of Local Development organized an extensive meeting Tuesday to follow the latest developments of the national project to revive the path of the Holy Family, with the participation of Ministries of Tourism, Antiquities and Home Affairs.

The meeting was chaired by Dr Mohamed Hijazi, adviser to the Minister for International Cooperation, in the presence of the project coordinator and engineer Adel El Gendy, representative of the Ministry of Tourism.

He stressed the importance of cooperation and joint efforts of all parties to achieve the goal of the national project, namely to kiss Egypt for Christian pilgrims from all over the world, who in turn revitalize the tourist movement and resources of the national economy.

The meeting discussed the developments in this respect, in particular the field visits that took place during the last period for some of the track points and the testing of the tests carried out for the development of the track points of the relevant governorates of the Ministry of Tourism to to finance the projects related to the track points.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister for Local Development, said in statements that the purpose of the meeting is to coordinate between the parties involved in the project to discuss the latest developments and the executive action plan for all parties, including the governors. He pointed out that the development of locations of the Holy Family track is a national project. The economy offers jobs and infrastructure development.

The minister said the route included 25 archaeological sites through the first two programs, including the archaeological areas from Cairo to Aswan and the second archaeological sites where the family lived during the trip to Egypt.

The ministry received more than one meeting of officials of the national project to revive the path of the holy family with the cooperation of the ministries of Tourism, Antiquities and the Interior and the presence of the eight secretaries of the eight governesses who follow the route , the longest pilgrimage route in the world.

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