4 urgent steps after the death of British tourists in Hurghada .. What happened?

In recent hours, two British tourists died in mysterious circumstances during their summer holidays in a hotel in the Red Sea city of Hurghada.

John Gusen, 70, was exhausted and died before being transferred to hospital. He was taken to the morgue after the prosecutor was informed. The second was his wife, Suzanne Sein, 64, who had suffered two hours after the death of the man. Transferred to the Hurghada General Hospital, but she died immediately upon arrival.

Follow-up of the Ministry of Tourism

The Department of Tourism issued a statement on the death of two British tourists in Hurghada on Friday.

"The Ministry of Tourism follows the death of a British tourist and his wife closely followed in a large hotel in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, in coordination and cooperation with the government, the police of tourism and antiquities and Thomas Cook, who tour for tourists, "said the Ministry.

"A ministry working group has been set up to monitor the situation from Hurghada."

Anatomy of the dead

On Friday the prosecutor issued the autopsy of two British tourists by a group of forensic doctors to explain the circumstances and the causes of the deaths, while according to the first reports the death was "normal".

According to the legislation, the deceased's daughter also asked for "a sample of the blood and analysis of her parents", and said she feared that their death was "caused by the inhalation of fire gas".

Urgent statement from the Attorney General

Attorney General Nabil Sadiq made a statement about the deaths of British tourists in Hurghada. The statement mentioned that the Prosecution received notice of the death of two residents of the UK. The prosecution moved to their stay in a hotel in Hurghada. .

The prosecutor ordered the witnesses to be heard and forensic medicine was assigned to the autopsy to determine the cause of death. The anatomical report stated that there were no signs of criminal or violent violence. The samples were taken for laboratory tests to determine the cause of death.

Thomas Cook & # 39; s customers evacuated

The British company Thomas Cook said it had taken all precautionary measures after the death of a tourist and his wife in conditions that she described as unclear, after having discovered all 301 hotels in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada.

"Safety is always our top priority, so we have decided to transport all our customers from this hotel as a precautionary measure," said Thomas Cook.

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