90% of the maintenance of the facilities of 3 university cities ended

90% of the maintenance of the facilities of 3 university cities has been completed

A number of universities have announced the completion of the maintenance work for 90% of the university city facilities in preparation for the reception of students for the new academic year 2018-2019, indicating that the maintenance included the "mattresses and pillows" in the student rooms were replaced, where all places with insecticides were made harmless, Students install security cameras at entrance and exit gates.

Dr. Majid Najm, president of the University of Helwan, said that "the university completes the maintenance of the cities completely". Najem assured Al-Watan that the university has developed an extensive plan to cover all places with high-quality surveillance cameras. Roads and gates that are designated for entry and departure in cities.

"Ezzat": spray chambers with harmless pesticides and "star": surveillance cameras to protect students

Dr. Abdulwahab Ezzat, president of Ain Shams University, said that "the university council does not save students, regardless of whether they live in the city or abroad, with any help." He stressed that there are strict instructions to complete all maintenance work in sufficient time before the start of the academic year.

Al-Watan added that "the maintenance work in the university cities is almost complete, including the renovation of the large kitchens, the H-building in the city and the new head office of the general management of medical supplies and pharmacies."

He added that in the first week of the research students will be admitted to students admitted to university cities, explaining that the city fees have been increased to 250 instead of 165 pounds per month.

Dr. Mohamed Othman El Khasht, president of the University of Cairo, said that all maintenance work and equipment for buildings, restaurants and facilities will be ready in sufficient time for the start of the housing project, next to the opening of the student city Sheikh Zayed with a capacity of 500 students.

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