A big campaign to take away the worries and to close a number of cafés and cafeterias in Alexandria

The Ministry of Local Development's inspection and control sector has launched a major campaign over the past two days to address concerns and close a number of cafes and cafeterias in the streets of Ben Salamah and Iskandar Ibrahim in the district. Al-Montazah, after the ministry received many complaints from residents of the streets and published a series of photos of the violations of these cafes on social networking sites That obstructed the movement and passers-by of citizens.

The campaigns carried out by the inspection and control sector in the ministry in cooperation with the Facility Police at Iskandar Ibrahim Street cafes in the Al-Montazah district were the first with reservations regarding the number of 105 seats and 12 trapeze.

Campaigns to restore discipline and tackle this phenomenon will continue.

The campaign also resulted in the closure of a number of unlicensed cafes, namely Cafe Layalina, located at number 5, Abu Fares Cafe, located at number 11, Abu Habiba Cafe, located at Real Estate No. 15, and a coffee shop for your heart located at 17, Cafe Valley or the Kings, Cafe Sidi Mansour, located in the real estate number 19 and the removal of the Cafe Excellence, located at drug No. 21 under the Directorate of Agricultural Reform .

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi stressed the need to remove all the concerns that affect the lives of street-goers in all governments, and asked Major General Shaarawi of the inspection and control sector in the ministry in coordination with all provinces and neighborhoods to to keep campaigns to close stores and violations that affect the lives of citizens and to cause a state of disruption in areas that have been identified and disrupt traffic.

During the campaigns, a number of citizens have expressed their happiness and welcome the important and essential role of the Ministry of Local Development in cooperation with the relevant authorities in the government, police and governmental organizations in Alexandria in order to eliminate and correct all irregularities. respond to the complaints submitted, and called for a more intensive implementation of such campaigns in the coming period. To eliminate all irregularities in the Egyptian street.

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