A medical team at the Luxor International Hospital performs a rare operation for a girl

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A medical team from the Luxor International Hospital managed to perform a rare operation for a 40-day-old child who was found to have a congenital defect of a diaphragmatic hernia in the right diaphragm.

Dr. Tarek Mohamed El-Sayed, director of the hospital, said that this condition is rare in cases of congenital abnormalities and occurs only 5%, with the statement that the medical team was Dr. Mohamed Abdalbari General Surgery Consultant, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ali General Surgery, Dr. Ibrahim Mousi Consultant Anesthesiology and Care and Dr. Ahmed Abu Al-Hassan, an anesthetist and specialist, refused to postpone the operation for the post-Eid al-Adha period, because the patient was a child in her second month and was seriously ill because of this congenital defect.

The head of the medical team, Dr. Mohamed Abdalbari, explained that the condition of the girl is stable and transferred to the pediatric ward. It is in good condition and will be followed up in the coming period. This operation is considered one of the rare operations that took place during the last period in Egyptian hospitals. Congenital rare in children.

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