A person drowned in the waters of the seaside resort Baltim in Kafr El Sheikh

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One person drowned in the waters of the Baltim resort in Kafr El-Sheikh, the location of the homeland, on Friday, August 24, 2018.

One person was drowned by the water of the Baltim resort in Kafr El-Sheikh while swimming on a beach after it had been washed away by the waves.

The ambulance moved to the beach in the center of Baltim.The corpse was transferred to the Al Amal hospital in Baltim resort and then to the mortuary of the Baltim hospital.

Major General Nasser Rashad, deputy director of the security of Kafr El-Sheikh, received a message that a message from the central hospital of Baltim arrived at the arrival of Mohammed Mesbah Shalabi, 18, who lives in a hamlet village.

Release the necessary report of the incident and the offer is submitted to the Public Prosecution Service.

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Source: Al Watan

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