A primary child kills himself and leaves his family with an incredible message

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A primary child kills himself and leaves his family with an incredible message on the website of the Egyptians, on Monday August 20, 2018.

The family of the child "Karim E" surprised the student in the elementary school of the sixth class by committing suicide in his house in the city of Zagazig in the province of Sharkia.

His family immediately brought him to the hospital, but he died, then Major General Abdullah Khalifa, Al-Sharqiya's security director, received a notification from Major General Essam Ateeq, head of the investigations of the second part of the Zagazig hospital. . The department is a corpse in the gymnasium.

The security services moved to the headquarters of the incident and discovered that the child used trousers to commit suicide by wrapping it around his neck and connecting it to the wheel. He left his family with the message: "I went to the other world for an empty interview."

It turned out that the child was in a bad psychological state after the death of his uncle, "Mahmoud M" – 20 years – water Suez Canal a while ago, although the child was very attached to him.

The public prosecutor ordered the funeral of the body because there was no suspicion of crime.

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