A student fell from the top of the house ladder in Sohag

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A student in the second decade of her life was killed as a result of falling from the top of the ladder of the house while attempting to fly to the top in the home and the Arabs in the center of Akhmim in Sohag.

Major General Hisham Abdel-Shafy, director of Sohag Security, received a message from Brigadier General Abdel Hamid Abu Musa, director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Sohag, who reported the dangers of 17-year-old Mariam Ayman Loka, Dead "claim to fall from a height.

Immediately Major Ibrahim Saqr, acting head of the Akhmeem police station, immediately asked her father, Ayman Luka Good, a 48-year-old worker and living in the same area. He decided that the house should be destroyed during his ascension son was still thrown forward and fell to the floor, resulting in her death and criminal suspicion.

By signing the body's medical examination with the health inspector's knowledge, he reported that there was no criminal suspicion of death and that the CID investigations supported this.

In this context, the Office of the Director of the Center for the year 2018 was released and the Public Prosecution Service was informed that the body had been buried.

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