A student mistreats a child sexually within a mosque

Security forces arrested a suspect named A. [18] The student maltreated an 8-year-old boy at the age of 18,

The aunt of the victim informed the victim about the incident and took him to the police station from Tukh and issued a statement of the incident. The suspect was arrested The child was shown to the hospital in Tukh and the child was sexually assaulted, And the prosecutor decided to introduce him to forensic medicine and took the investigation about the 2nd Brigadier General Fawzi Abed Rabbo, the director of the Tukh Center, received a report that a child named "MM-8 years" in the second class of school was sexually abused in the water cycle of a mosque in a village belonging to the police station of Tukh.

The head of Qaliubiya's security, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Sami, head of Tukh's investigation and Captain Mustafa Kamel, assistant to the detective, discovered that the child was in the mosque and after the Asr prayer by a student in the first row was named after the water cycle and sexual abuse and then threatened no one to inform the incident, He went crying back to his house and his aunt asked him and told her what the accused did Police CZ, and released a report of the accused accused of sexual offense on the son of her sister.

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