A tour through the profile of the father of "my child Dakahlia" on "Facebook": time to leave

The father of "my child Dakahlia" on "Facebook": it's time to leave, a tour of the profile of the father of "my child Dakahlia" On Facebook it's time to leave. We will send you our new visitors. Today's news via our news website and starting with the most important news, a tour of my father's father's profile on Facebook: it's time to leave.

The news about the disappearance of two children of their father in the village of Mt Salsil in the center of Faraskur, Damietta Governorate, after their performance And their father, Mahmud Nazmi al-Sayed, living in the area of ​​the New Sea in the city, reported the kidnapping of his two children Mohammed and Rayan while they were with him in the amusement park in the area on the first day of Eid al-Adha.

Then the detective, led by Major Mohammed Fathi Saleh, head of the center's investigation, moved to the site of the report. The two children were with their father to celebrate the eid, but the father was surprised by a person who took him to the poor. .

Some eyewitnesses confirmed that they had accompanied the two children by a woman named Tuk Tuk. After 18 hours of searching, the bodies of the two children were found in the Nile near Farsakur, under the Karsars Faraskur.

After the parents of the children knew the bodies and after completing the legal proceedings, the funeral of the two children was in a majestic scene for the people of Damietta.

The newspaper "Our News" recently reported that the father of the two children admitted to the prosecutor that they had been killed for the security team of the Dakahlia security directorate and that he had taken them from the top of the Faraskur bridge, 30 minutes away. from Mets Silesil. "I killed them so they could enter paradise, and they were small, and I crushed them," he said. Then he said in the same way as the hallucination he dealt with in antiques and in relation to a woman.

A security source said the father is still trying to make his two children and Ihlos words and stories incomprehensible, and sometimes recognizes the killing and others accuse others and that the incident is still being sought.

Al-Akhbarna newspaper investigated the personal account of the parents of two children on Facebook and discovered that the father of the two children, Mahmud Nazmi al-Sayyed, had an account on Facebook, but he has not used it since 2017. Since then he has uses a different account and the accounts have the same personal picture. The father of the two children closed the account but left it, but without using it and looking at the old account, we discovered that he had the image of his son Ryan as a personal photo for his period, and then the image of his son Mohammed another period, in addition to a series of photos with his son Ryan.

The second personal account revealed that the father of the two children had previously performed Umrah, through a photo published in his name in the Prophet's Mosque, and his friends' comments about that photo and congratulating him on the execution of Umrah. in August last year.

We have not found photos of him with his two children as he did on his first account, and we found a picture of him with some of his friends and put his hands on a famous fourth place.

The rest of the photo's and publications on the parents' accounts were normal and undeniable until the 22/7 date last month, about a month ago, with an image that reads: "The account is closed and I apologize to everyone. " He wrote a comment on the picture: "Peace is my love." In which Facebook friends received questions, but all his answers to their questions were vague and do not explain what was meant by his words.

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