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Twenty-six months after the re-trial of Mohamed Badi and others in the case of the events of the Guidance Office, the department approached 11 cases of terrorism in the Cairo cemetery, led by counsel Mohamed Sherine Fahmy.

1 On 28 February 2015, the Ministry sentenced 14 terrorists under the chairmanship of Moataz Khafaghi to life imprisonment for Badia and 13 others and to the execution of 4 suspects.

2 The Court of Cassation accepts the appeal of the suspects who have been convicted of their presence and they have been accused of Badi and 13 of the case.

Court of Appeal in Cairo The ministry identified 11 terrorism under the chairmanship of counselor Muhammad Shirin Fahmy to consider the new process.

4 During the hearings, the defendant Mohammed Mahdi Atef died in the hospital Kasr El Aini and the Public Prosecution Service received a letter during the hearing of the sixth session.

5 The Court has dealt with about 38 hearings.

6 During the session on April 15, 2018, one of the wounded in the events, Mohammed Hashim, is called a citizen against the leaders of the Brotherhood for £ 50,000 and one.

7 The public prosecution service submits a photocopy of the implementing arrangements of the Muslim Brotherhood during the hearings.

8 On 1 March, the court heard statements from former Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim, who confirmed that Egypt had assured him that the 30 June revolution would not succeed.

9 In the session of 5 February, Major General Osama al-Saghir, the former security official of Cairo, confirmed in his testimony that the Muslim Brotherhood opened fire from the extension building.

10 On 18 September 2017, the prosecutor filed a report about Akef's state of health and the difficulty of transferring it to headquarters.

The 11 pilot sessions were held at the Institute of Police Secretaries.

12 The Prosecution demands the maximum punishment for the accused during the hearing.

13 The officer of the former Muqattam section in his testimony shakes shots from above the engineering office.

14 In the session of 15 November, the Public Prosecution Service provides medical reports to the wounded in the events.

15 On 8 November 2017 the Prosecution will present an official copy of the testimony of Mahdy Akef.

16 At the hearing on 20 October 2017, the Cairo Court of Appeal dismissed Al-Arian and Baltaji's request to respond to the President of the Court.

17 On 20 July, the President of the Court expelled Badi from Chouchecha for the procedure following the use of her legal right.

18 Mohamed Mahdi Akef appears in the first session of the trial about a wheelchair before a reservation in the palace hospital.

19 The court defends the hearing of 30 September to pronounce the verdict.

The prosecutor has assigned the leaders of the group to participate through agreements and assistance in supplying firearms, ammunition, incendiary bombs, explosives and equipment to unknown persons, and intending to commit the crime, and that those in charge headquarters shot shots and mortars to the victims,.

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