After his controversial image, Alaa Mubarak reveals the fact that the former president was seriously ill

The leaders of the websites, a controversial image of former president Hosni Mubarak, looked at the age of the former president.

His son, Alaa Mubarak, said his father is healthy and lives in good times for the health situation, emphasizing that all the news that speaks about the deterioration of his health is completely naked.

Alaa Mubarak, in a tweet via his official account on Twitter, in response to one of the followers, named "Hassan", who said: "Professor Alaa assured the president and thanks," replied the reaction of the former president's son, "God praised and good, thank you for your presence, Professor Hassan."

A few minutes later, the same person repeated the question to Alaa Mubarak, but in a different way: "People are obsessed with Facebook in a strange way, Rita has attended you in every possible way and you did your best."

Alaa returned to answer and said: "Praise and thank God, the father, fine professor Hassan."

The image of Hosni Mubarak, which has spread over the past few hours on the media, showed a considerable increase in the weight of the former president, who made some rumors that he had been infected by some of the diseases that led to it, but his son Alaa Mubarak denied this Form and theme.

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