"Agriculture" announces the execution of 42 tons of rotten meat in Cairo and the seizure of 52 tons in Lake and Menoufia

Dr. Hassan al-Ja & # 39; waini, head of the Central Department of Public Health and Massacres of the General Authority for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, confirmed that the Prosecution decided to confiscate the meat that was in the district of Al-Khalifa taken to carry out 42000 kg of invalid municipal meat.

He said, "al-Jaouini", that the Prosecution decided to execute the seizures and was carried out on 4/9/2018 Committee of the problem of veterinary medicine and delivery.

The head of health and massacres, that the seizure of 11340 kg of frozen fish is not suitable refrigerator in Egypt Alexandria Desert Road.

Al-Ja & # 39; waini confirmed that the Prosecution of Beheira had given a decision to continue the detention of the suspect until another decision was taken. Moreover, the Monofiya prosecutor decided to reserve more than 40,000 invalid municipal meat that was seized in the 4th industrial zone in Sadat City.

The Head of the Central Department of Public Health and Bloodbaths, Colonel Sameh Rashad, the supply and logistic inspectors of the ministry in the provinces do their utmost and work together with the central ministry of health and bloodbaths at the Ministry of Agriculture for the corrupt food. to control the lives of citizens.

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