Al-Azhar al-Azhar alumni advisor reveals details of the medical convoy for the sons of Al-Masrawy

Al-Azhar Alumni Association Advisor reveals the details of the medical convoy to the children of North Sinai – video

11:23 PM

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Books – Mu & # 39; taz Abbas:

Ibrahim Al-Hudhad, scientific adviser to the International Organization of Al-Azhar Alumni, said that Al-Azhar's medical and propaganda convoy in North Sinai is not the first, noting that Al-Azhar has launched several convoys that visited various government agencies in recent years.

Al-Hudhud said in a telephone interview on the program "Here the Capital", broadcast on the channel "CBC", that the convoy participated by the Al-Azhar, in collaboration with the governor of North Sinai and the Ministry of Youth, including professors in all medical specialties, medical treatment for the sons of Sinai and the payment of medicines, and those who need surgery, are transferred free of charge to the Al-Azhar University hospitals.

He added that the convoy of al-Azhar in northern Sinai called the name 'middle way of life & # 39; we are trying to play our role in covering the needs of the province, both medically and advocates.

He emphasized that there has already been more than one and a half month of coordination on a convoy medium-life curriculum & # 39; launch in Sinai after meeting all citizens' needs.

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