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Monday, August 20, 2018 2:45 am Samia Mahmoud, the director of the metal stamp factory of the Stamping Department of the Ministry of Finance, unveiled the sale of a special plate with numbers and letters «RQ1», recent auction system of approximately £ 19 million.

She said in exclusive statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm that the distinctive metal plates are produced and sold through an auction organized by the Ministry of the Interior. The company has sold a million and 300,000 pounds, and a painting of 1 million, 1 million and 950 thousand pounds, bought by a film director two years ago, and many other distinctive metal plates sold in the past, according to the factory director, specially produced and sold at auction.

The work is based on the work orders received from the general directorate of traffic information systems in the interior, with regard to the production of paintings, whether it concerns cars of different types: transport, taxi, angel, diplomacy , political body and police, but also motorcycles and tuk tuk. Colors, codes and governorates are required, especially that the factory is the only one in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The director of the factory that the general direction of traffic has a system and a table with specific letters and numbers of metal plates and codes, but the factory is only producing, noting that the raw materials are imported from outside this , and the production and subtraction numbers of metal plates are not distinctive to the general public, Featured auctions have been sold.

About the rise in car prices in the recent period after the decision to liberalize the exchange rate in November 2016, and the production of metal paintings, it was confirmed that their production was not affected, indicating about 2000 pairs of sheet metal per day, 1000 plates and 50 pairs of plates Especially sold at auction.

and revealed the trend for the production of metal plates, local materials in collaboration with the aluminum company Naga Hammadi, where a preliminary feasibility study was drawn up to know the actual costs and the return of the local production of the unprocessed sheets, found that a percentage of the cost of the painting local production areas varied between 25% – 30 and meetings were held with representatives of international companies to follow the latest developments in this area.

Eng. Samia Mahmood, director of Metal Skating Factory

The metal paintings are currently imported from Germany and Poland according to tenders, while local production contributes to the supply of foreign currency, which confirms that the factory was set up to reduce the cost of importing to save paintings from abroad and to save hard currency.

The experience that has worked in the factory since commissioning and production in early 2010, is from Egyptian and the factory produced about 6 million sheets of metal cars, and a million and 700 thousand plates of motorcycles, and what the Ministry of the Interior requires that orders be produced without A deficit in issuance and distributed according to the traffic units deployed in the provinces.

The plant was established in collaboration with the finance ministries, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior, represented by the general management of traffic, and manufactures the paintings of all types of vehicles and all types of licenses. The factory consists of production lines of the range of the largest German companies in the world Production of secure panel production lines.

According to Samia Mahmoud, the production capacity of the automatic line is 750 panels per hour, and this line is a computer, and is fed with electronic files and the process of skiing and automatic printing of the plate.

The manual contains 3 hydraulic presses and the painting is manually pulled by the operator. The production capacity of the factory reaches 750 thousand pairs per year of all types of licenses. The painting is made of pure aluminum covered with a layer of reflective white surface, The chrome chrome strip with distinctive security markings that can not be imitated – 15 insurance brands – to ensure that the painting is not falsified.

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