Ambassador from Egypt to China to Al-Ahram Portal: 3 main stations at the visit of President Sisi and Egypt in the heart of the belt and the road

Ambassador of Egypt in Beijing, Ambassador Osama Al-Majdoub, said that the program of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi's visit to Beijing includes several bilateral activities, he will meet the Chinese President in official talks followed by the signing of a number of important bilateral agreements. The Chinese Communist Party Academy, which is the main government agency to train government and party leaders and cadres in China.

Al-Majdoub said in a statement to the "Al-Ahram Gate" that President Sisi visits the Chinese capital Beijing as part of an international visit and participates in the summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum that will be held in Beijing on 3-4 September. held.

The visit of the current president is the fifth visit to China in four years, reflecting the depth of the strategic relations between the two countries, which has boomed since 2014 with the signing of the comprehensive Strategic Partnership Agreement, which has the highest form. of cooperation with other countries, And the cooperation between the two countries as a result of this boom has resulted in an increase in the number of exchanged presidential visits.

Ambassador Al-Majdoub pointed out that President Al-Sisi will participate in the conference of Chinese and African leaders with Chinese and African businessmen, as well as at the top of the cooperation forum between China and Africa.

Al-Majdoub described the initiative and the Chinese way as an ambitious economic initiative that translates China's vision of its relations with the countries of the world over the coming decades. Egypt is the core of this initiative for its geostrategic location and the central importance of the Suez Canal.

The ambassador of Egypt in Beijing said that the Egyptian takes advantage of the enormous Chinese market and that Egypt has advanced and high-quality production capabilities that can export its products to different countries, including China. In this respect, Egypt seeks to attract more Chinese investment in the fields of production, technology transfer, and territories.

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