An amount of anthrox that was seized by an unemployed worker on 6 October was tested by the chemical lab for research

The public prosecutor's office in the south of Giza ordered an anthrax anesthetic that was seized by the chemical laboratory by an unemployed man in the city on 6 October and fully described.

The General Administration of Giza Investigations arrested an unemployed person who was accused of drug trafficking in the city of 6 October, seized an amount of anthrox anesthesia and released a statement of the incident. The prosecution ordered the defendant to detain for 4 days while awaiting an investigation.

Investigation of the officers of Giza Investigations' general administration concluded that he was involved in drug trafficking and promoted them to his customers in the city of 6 October.

In preparing an ambush of the accused, the detectives managed to catch him with 100 grams of anesthetic and made a statement from the incident and the public prosecutor's office..

Note: the content of this news was written on the seventh day and today does not represent the position of Egypt, but content was transferred as it is from the seventh day and we are not responsible for the content of the news and the preservation of the previous source.

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