Assignment of forensic medicine to autopsy of the body of the child "victim of Aga" Dakahlia

The AGA office in Dakahlia decided to allocate the forensic medicine to carry out the autopsy on the body of the girl Habiba AB, aged 6, and the resident of Dheirb in Qatars to explain the cause and timing of death.

Dakahlia had arrested two brothers in the village of Derb, Qatars, of the Aja Center after the first sexually abused and killed his wife's sister and helped him get rid of the body.

Major General Mohammed Haji, director of the Dakahlia security service, received a notification from Brigadier General Mohammad Sharbash, Director of Research Dakahlia, reports that parents in the city of Aja have found a girl's body in a disk near the station.

A security force led by Brigadier General Mohammad Sharbash, director of Dakahlia's investigative department, Colonel Mohamed Fawzi, head of the Aga research department, and Major Karim Abdel Razek, head of the judiciary unit, went to the location of the report. A. P ", 6 years, and the resident of Derb in Qatars.

And in the preparation of the necessary fixed and mobile ambiguity, Aldsoki's control resulted. A 22-year-old hairdresser and resident of Deirb, Qatars, after sexually abusing and strangling the girl, and his brother Ibrahim A. 33, a barber shop and a resident of Dirb, Qatars, to help him with the crime he had committed remove the body and throw it away to the canal.

Release 8306 for the year 2018 is issued by the Aga Police Station department. The offer is submitted to the Public Prosecution Service.

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