Attunement of rotten meat and fish in a shopping campaign in Sharkia

The Directorate of delivery in Sharkia, under the supervision of Fayza Abdulrahman, secretary of the ministry of delivery in Sharkia, launched a major campaign at the Minya Al-Qamh Center, with the participation of Karolos Abdulmalik, the supervisor, and the director of the department, Abdulmohsen.

The campaign resulted in the release of the record from 1933 against the owner of a barbecue restaurant in Hamidiya for possession and delivery for the sale of dilapidated minced meat and the record from 1934 against the owner of a fish shop owned by the Saudi & # 39 ; s, And the record from 1935 against "MH" owner of a restaurant for barbecue in Saudi Arabia, for decrepit poultry for sale and sale, and record number 1936 against the "AS" owner of a restaurant in Saida, for possession and supply to sell expired meat.

Baccalaureate shops and catering establishments were also hired and the 1931 minutes were published against HZ, the owner of the Belly Palace bakery, with the aim of reselling them on the black market. In addition, 9 illegal reports were issued against the owners of municipal bakeries,, And the lack of cleanliness of the dough tools, and not to give Bonn to get rid of bread.

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