Because of the annexation of the chapters .. The injury of 15 students has traumatized psychology to prevent the inability of teachers Fayoum

Fifteen female students from Al Ajameen Secondary girls' school in the Al Ajameen village in the center of Abshwai suffered from serious psychological problems, because the school board followed lessons to prevent the teacher's inability.

Major General Khaled Shalabi, director of Fayoum Security, received a notice from the policeman of the Abshway police station on Monday evening about the arrival of 15 female students from the Al Ajameen school for girls with psychological trauma. And decided to leave.

According to a security statement, the 16-year-old Sharaouq Hani Mahmoud, the 16-year-old Nahed Mohammed Rashad, the 16-year-old Norhan Sharif Ahmed, the 16-year-old Habiba Mahmoud Ahmed, (16 years), Marwa Ajmi Mustafa (16 years), Marwa Ahmed Mohammed (17 years old), Duaa Mohammed Fadel (16 years old) (16 years), and "Marwa Gama Abdel Salam" (16 years), "Shahad Alaa Hanafi" (16 years), "Marwa Mahmoud Imam" (17 year), and "Reham Mahmoud Mahmoud El Sayed" (16 years old), all students from the school.

According to the statement, because of the administration of the school, the students ensured that classes prevented the inability of teachers, leading to a high density of female students from 65 to 75 students per semester, with high temperatures and poor ventilation, and that "Badriya A." to ask. Ajamin reported that a committee of the education administration in Abshwai and the Education Directorate in the province visited the school on 29 September and gave instructions.

Dr. Adel Abdel Moneim, director of the Education Directorate of Fayoum, decided to have the officers of the management, the Abshway Educational Administration and the school administration immediately investigated, because of the inclusion of lessons for the students in the school. Fayoum governor, to go to the hospital and reassure the students before they leave after treatment.

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