Breaking in social housing in Baqa (photo & # 39; s)

The security forces of Qalioubiya succeeded in evacuating the new housing units belonging to the Ministry of Housing, located at the entrance to the city of Qaha, after they burgled some citizens and confiscated them.

Citizens gathered in front of Qaha's local unit office after security services had evacuated the new housing units.

In turn, engineer Amal Fawzi, head of Qaha City Council, remarked that these buildings were contracted by citizens for two years and that there were problems with the Ministry of Housing and Dr. Alaa Abdel Halim, governor of Qalioubiya.

The head of the city said that the situation was controlled and calming civilians and met them in the local unit of the municipality of Qaha, and is currently discussing the problem with the Ministry of Housing to arrange the beneficiaries.

Dr. Visit. Alaa Abdel Halim, Governor of Qalioubia to the city of Qaha, has seen a great chaos, while the governor was surprised when he inspected the apartments of the new building of the new housing barriers of the apartments and came in because of the delay of the Ministry of Housing receiving the minutes of their apartments after they had informed the occupants of the apartment owners, To inspect the buildings, they went into their apartments and lived in it and demanded the governor to intervene to solve the problem with the ministry. unloading, while the governor met civilians, and promised to intervene to solve the problem with the Ministry of Housing.

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