Cairo security incidents return to his father's arms after a 3-hour loss

Cairo security officials succeeded in restoring the smile for the factor that his child lost in Al Darb Al Ahmar after he reduced it in less than three hours after his loss.

The Al Darb police station, led by Major Ahmed Al-Jammal of a real estate guard in the Al-Helmiya Al-Jadidah district, told the department's police station that a five-year-old boy named Riyadh was being arrested.

In the presence of Major General Mohamed Mansour, the assistant minister of the Interior for the security sector in Cairo, he led all childcare. The officers provided food and drinks to the child, because it was clear that he was absent for many hours with his family. . About the suitability of the child.

The officer of the human rights department in the department coordinated the elders of the region to achieve the suitability of the child until he could reach the father of the child within three hours after the presence of the child in the department, known as the 46-year-old employee and occupant of Al-Hamzawi Street in Darb Al-Ahmar, who decided that Najla had been absent since yesterday and that he is looking for him and was in the possibility to edit a report of his loss.

The citizen thanked Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of the Interior, for sponsoring the security system that serves the citizens in this way, as well as the officers of the Derb Al-Ahmar police station, who made great efforts to help and take care of a child.

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