Campaign to remove shrubs from the streets of Desouq after Eid al – Adha

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The local unit of the center and the city of Disuq, led by Major General Hamdi Mahmoud al-Hashash, assistant governor of Kafr El-Sheikh for the West region, and head of the unit, launched in collaboration with Lieutenant Colonel Tamer Al-Jizawi, head of the city's police station, a big campaign to remove the occupations in different areas after Eid al-Adha.

According to a statement from the Disouq department, this was in the presence of Sanad Abukaila, Walid Farouk, head of the South district, Ibrahim Fathallah, head of the professions department, employees of the professions department, the removal committee,

The campaign focused on the streets and main areas and resulted in the removal of professions in various areas, including Saad of the field station and street evacuation and substrates, to restore the discipline of the street Desouki.

The head of the city of Desouq said that the campaign is going on 24 hours a day at different places in the city of Desouq, respectively in all streets of the city and at different times, to achieve the return of discipline on the street Desouki Brahimi, as well as these streets to open passersby and to edit the necessary records for street vendors and shopkeeper violators.

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