Chairman of the Journalists: Completion of the changes of the law «union» .. The inclusion of «e-mail» conditions

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Abdel-Mohsen Salameh, the captain of the journalists, revealed that he has completed the draft amendment of the Syndicate Syndicate Act and will be presented to the Council of the Syndicate after the Eid in preparation for approval by the end of the year. To send the House of Representatives.

Salama told Al-Masry Al-Youm: "We hope that these changes will be finalized and approved as soon as possible to work during the next elections of the Syndicate Council in March 2019. The amendments are largely focused on the election materials."

He pointed out that the changes included three phases, where the old law was not destroyed, but some existing materials, such as liberties, were retained. Some articles were changed, as were new materials.

The chairman of the Journalist Syndicate pointed out that the most prominent articles that have been amended are unconstitutional articles such as the Socialist Union and National Orientation, as well as the method of elections. The elections were forbidden on Friday and on public holidays. The quorum percentage, as amended, 9 am and continues until closing time, after which the votes are calculated and the quorum is determined or not.

Salameh said: "We are considering canceling the extension at half the deadline, and elections are being held at all seats like the rest of the trade unions, and the position of the captain will be the same as the member of the council, because the president's term does not help him fulfill his duties. "

He pointed out that the most prominent articles to be added for electronic journalists, where they should be included in the union with the establishment of specific controls such as paper newspapers, such as the site has a financial and administrative structure, and the structure of the editorial appointed members of the union, Several years on the work of the applicant and be two years, in addition to the need to have traffic on the theme (Travik) regularly during the period we determine.

Salameh condemned the changes to the law of the Journalists' Syndicate without being a member of the union and pointed out that the draft legislative amendments drafted by the Council of the Union contained amendments to the current law.

He added: "We refuse to make any proposal concerning the legislation of the Union from outside, and if we agree or disagree with this proposal, this does not mean that proposals or amendments are adopted. Belong to our union without reference to us ".

Alaa Abed, chairman of the Committee for Human Rights of the House of Representatives, has announced that he will submit a bill to the Parliament at the next session to amend the fourth point of the Journalist Syndicate's law.

Abed explained that the clause specified a set of conditions to join the union, stating that "the applicant must have a high academic qualification." The proposal includes changes to the text to be changed. "The candidate must have a high academic qualification from one of the state press and media colleges specialized colleges or specialized international colleges only," adding that the law does not detract from the immediate status of the press and all journalists belonging to the syndicate of journalists and are registered in the trade union, whether it is practicing or practicing.

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