Cleaning action in the villages of the center of Minia

The local unit of the city of Minya carried out a clean-up campaign on Tuesday, including the removal of waste and solid waste from the collection points in Al-Fakhoura Street, for the sewer and for the Koum Al-Zuhair channel in the village of Bani Ahmed Al Gharbia.

Mohamed Sayed, head of the center, heads of the main neighborhoods and villages of the city, paid attention to the level of hygiene and preparation of reports on the state of equipment of the mechanical campaign and what it needs to take the necessary action to maintain, while at the level of the execution of the work assigned to them, in the context of preserving the aesthetic and cultural appearance of the center and reducing the environmental pollution.

On the other hand, the local unit removed the situation on the agricultural plot of 45 meters on the island of Bani Ahmed East.

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