Closing of bakery in violation of the delivery legislation

Minister for Supply and Internal Trade, Dr. ir. Ali al-Miselhi said that for the closed bakeries in the government, they are closed for legal reasons, such as their owners have manipulated the power of the people or that the owners have great debts to the ministry and that they do not have the necessary environmental requirements. to produce a bread health law for the citizen.

The minister pointed out that those who feel the injustice of the owners of those bakeries come to my office and file a complaint to take his right, but I will not underestimate the strength of the people and the ministry conducts extensive audit campaigns in all provinces. to keep the markets and prices and all goods ration-specific prices under control.

This came during Dr. inauguration. Ali Al-Meselhi, Minister for Supply and Internal Trade, and Dr. Alaa Abdul Halim, Governor of Qalioubia, the exhibition of school and college supplies in Benha.He was received by Najwa Al-Ashiri, President of Banha and a number of executive leaders in the government.

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