Confessions of a serious murderer of my deceased child Salsil Dakahlia .. Video

Mahmud Nazmi, the murderer of my child Mitt Salsil in Dakahlia, has made new confessions on the details of killing his two children, the first day of Eid al-Adha, which has recently led to great controversy.

"I thought the most distant children, Ryan and Mohammed, about the life and problems of life, and I felt that when they were growing up, they had difficulty living," Nazmi said. "If they were to die, they would go to paradise."

"I thought about the subject a week earlier and I had a depression and I went out with one of my friends named Rami Rami was a good writer about depression, and he said I was the owner, and I decided to move on, because I was not satisfied. "

He said: "After two days was Karim Nusibi on the first day of the Eid, Jay took the victim and the feast of Eid on the children and the Almighty, and I was tired and Mkntsh able to get out, and Ryan Qali Baba, I want to close an Eid party, And the reward of salvation. "

Attorney General Nabil Sadiq made a decision on Sunday to refer the murderer of his two sons to the city of Salsil for criminal prosecution.

Attorney General Mahmoud Nazmi Mohammed al-Sayyed, the murderer of his two sons in case 2836 of 2018, referred to the crimes of Mitt Salsil for trial of willful murder of his sons Ryan and Mohammed, as well as drug abuse.

The Public Prosecution Service received a report on 21 August 2018 stating that his two children had disappeared while being taken to the theme parks in the Met Salsil Center in the Dakahlia government. Their bodies were found the next day on the water in a branch of the Nile in Faraskur, Damietta.

The Public Prosecutor's investigation revealed the inaccuracy of the above statement by the aforementioned accused of the disappearance of his two sons. The accused confessed to the murder of his two sons by taking them and taking the River Nile respectively from the top of the Faraskur bridge, which was explained by severe depression and drug use. From the drawbacks of life and what can be inflicted by shame because of misconduct and waste of wealth and the brewing of the idea of ​​killing them ten days before the incident to the occasion of executing the crime.

The suspect's investigation into the prosecutor's investigation was confirmed by video images from multiple cameras that were installed from the town of Mitt Salsil to the city of Faraskur, where the crime was committed and was sometimes in accordance with the date of the incident.

Some witnesses decided to see the accused together with his two sons, who were killed in separate places, all on their way from Mittel to Faraskur. Investigations also found that the telephone calls from the caller were followed by his mobile phone, which indicated his presence in the geographical area of ​​the city of Faraskur. established.

The autopsy report confirmed the death of the two children as a result of sephuxia drowning.

The Chemical Laboratory report from the Forensic Medicine Department also proved that the defendant had taken cannabis and tramadol drugs.

"Then I went to the sea and went into the sea, and the two went to the sea, I got risham (tramadol), which I used 5 years ago.Years, the important thing on the sea and one of the Begoli I found myself not nice Bilalin children and Keda, and I took Balalin and their income playing Baltrp that Belvde, and then went out and installed my Arabic and went on Mansoura, and you came in Arabic and Talat headed for Alexandria, Have the incident . "

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