Control of fire protection in the industrial area of ​​Burj Al Arab

The Egyptian Civil Protection Forces (CAF) have managed to control a fire in a plastic plant in the second industrial zone due to a short circuit, without causing any injuries, according to a safety statement on Monday.

Major General Mohamed Al-Shaheerif, Director of Alexandria Security, received a notice from the Najdah Police Station from the director of the Burj Al-Arab Police Department in a fire at a plastics plant in the second industrial zone.

The officer and the officers of the department and the civil protection department, who controlled the fire and extinguished it, discovered that the factory replaced the area of ​​approximately 1,000 square meters "without license" ground and the fire was caused by a production machine.

Asked about the age of 54, the operator of the Muqeem Al-Qutb Street factory, the police department of Karamouz, supported the investigation and explained the cause of the fire due to a short circuit in the wires connecting the machine and nobody was accused of causing the fire.

The Criminal Investigation Department was instructed to investigate the incident. The director of the Burj al-Arab Department was released. It is striking that the factory does not meet the protective requirements against fire risk and the publisher has several irregularities.

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