Dangerous shooters killed in exchange for fire with security forces in Sohag

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The security services in Sohag managed to free a taxi driver who had been kidnapped from Giza by two dangerous men from the Qena administration in exchange for a ransom, after clashes broke out between the police and the two elements, resulting in the death of the police. two dangerous elements.

Major General Hisham El Shafei, Safety Director at Sohag, received a report from the Department of Rescue stating that the risk of governing a Giza governor and exchanging fire between the police and the dangerous prisoners, resulting in the murder on Mustafa Y. and living in the Maharza district center of Abu Kisht and Mansour. O. The hijacker of the hijacker and the removal of the two elements were transferred to the clinic of the Central Hospital of Akhmim and a copy of the incident and the presentation is submitted to the Public Prosecution Service to carry out the investigation.

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