Deputy Heba Hagras: Sisi & # 39; s introduction of educational integration is a milestone for Egypt

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"The integration of people with special needs has become reality and law," said MP Heba Hagras.

"The Ministry of Education is today obliged to integrate people with special needs into all schools, provide them with all facilities and launch educational integration as a milestone for the Egyptian state," she said in a telephone interview with Amr Abdel Hamid on TeN.

"The goal is to integrate 97 percent of students with disabilities into the education system of the government, and no private schoolowner can prevent the admission of people with special needs, otherwise they will be closed according to the law."

She explained that "the attention of people with disabilities is a political will, and since President Sisi has taken charge of the country, he pays a lot of attention to the problems of people with special needs and women and has reached its peak with the signing of the law of integration and its allocation in 2018 for people with disabilities. "

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