Details of the death of a child drowned in Menoufia

Today the rescue services found the body of a child who drowned in the village of El Koum in Menoufia.

He said "Ahmed. The neighbor of a child, Ahmed Fathi Abdel Majid, from the village of Shama of Ashmoun, whose body was found this morning, said that the boy disappeared before the ears of Morocco yesterday. His family looked for him through the whole village. They found no trace from him. They informed the police and the rescue services of the river To search for a child.

Immediately the head of the investigation to the center of Ashmoun and the rescue services of the river Shabin al-Koum moved at 21:00 to al-Na & # 39; after & # 39; a to search the child. They found no trace of the lack of light. They waited until the morning and began to look for the child in front of his house.

Ahmed went on to say that while he was looking for him, the child was on the water and his body was swollen, his body had been dug up and taken to the Ashmun General Hospital, where there was no suspicion of a crime .

The "Ahmed" that the sadness camp on all the people of the village because of the sinking of the child for at least 15 hours.

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