Director of the Kom Ombo Hospital: prevent leaves and increase the number of doctors in preparation for Eid

Saturday 18 August 2018 06:00 AM

  Director of the Kom Ombo hospital: preventing leave and increasing the number of doctors in preparation for the party Hospital – Archiving

Aswan – Salah Al- Masan

The emergency plan and the preparations include the prevention of leave and the increase in the number of doctors in outpatient clinics, reception, emergency and accident departments, anaesthesiologists, orthopedics, orthopedics, children, industrial kidneys, nurseries and intensive care. About the presence of Tamari crew Nobtjy 24 hours in all walks of the hospital. [19659006]

Dr. Mohamed Ghalab, director of Kom Ombo Central Hospital, pointed out that the tables have been prepared and approved by the Health Affairs Directorate in Aswan. Dr. Mohamed Ghalab confirmed that all serums and vaccinations are available, he pointed out that the emergency plan contains sufficient supplies of drugs needed for the emergency department and medical facilities, and the hospital is supported by a sufficient amount of blood banks of all factions to help patients

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