"Drinking water": one minute during the shower consumes 12 liters

Mohammed Abdul Jalil

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 – 3:30 p
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 – 3:30 p

Dr. Mamdouh Raslan, chairman of the holding company for water and wastewater, revealed a number of statistics on water consumption per capita per day. "In Denmark the consumption is 131 liters, in Germany the consumption is 133 liters, 135 liters, in Canada up to 153 liters, in the USA of 200 liters, in Saudi Arabia of 271 liters, and for Egypt, individual consumption up to 300 liters per day, which represents a very high percentage ».

He added during his meeting with the program «evening dmc», broadcast via the satellite «dmc», on Tuesday evening, that the code per head of the population add water per day, in Egypt, to 250 liters, to add: «The volume of consumption in the villages up to 150 liters per day».

He also pointed to some statistics and figures on the aspects of water use in Egypt: "If the tap is washed fine and the tooth is washed for two minutes, it consumes 12 liters, if it is skipped for 5 minutes, it consumes 30 liters, as it is heated for 20 minutes, it consumes 240 liters and uses 12 liters for one minute.

He said that tap taping leads to a consumption of about 24 liters per day, adding that «siphon Bay» causes waste of about 1440 liters per day.

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