Education: complete the correction of the second round of high school .. and start educating teachers about the new system

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On Sunday, the General Secondary School of Kontrolat began completing the exams for the second round of public high school after the end of the holiday of Eid al-Adha.

System and observation committees continued to correct the tests of statics, dynamics, economics, geology, environmental sciences, philosophy and logic to announce the outcome before the end of the week.

In a different context, the Ministry of Education will begin training first-level primary teachers in the new education system, and will continue until 31 August, and start training French teachers at the educational level in the city on 6 and 27 August.

Teachers and parents distributed an electronic version of the manual for teachers about the curriculum for the first class with the introduction of the new education system in September.

The ministry has officially addressed all education boards through the need to point out to teachers the need to attend the dates and places specifically for each of them, and stressed that anyone who is not present will be held accountable.

Dr. Mohamed Omar, Deputy Minister of Teaching for Education, stressed that postponing the start of the academic year for the students of the new education system will not affect the programs for training teachers in the nursery class and the first grade, ending in August.

He added that the ministry is currently working to restore the personality of the Egyptian teacher and to improve his mental image among the students in order to bring in morals and good values ​​that play a major role in changing their behavior.He explained that continuous training in the use of modern technology will contribute to the transformation of the electronic evaluation system instead of paper assessment tools.

The training program is intended to assist teachers in designing the new curriculum, building teachers' capacity to implement the curriculum and achieving its objectives, as well as evaluation methods consistent with the philosophy of the curriculum, as well as their ability to select digital teaching materials and use them to add value to teaching and learning in the classroom.

The program includes the training of teachers in nursery and primary school in the new Egyptian education system.

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