"Egypt in a Day" .. Sinai Declaration soon free of terrorism

Several prominent issues and issues discussed during the last few hours by the Talks, of which the most prominent is the cabinet's disclosure of the latest developments in the new education system, and the statements by Ambassador Mohamed Al-Orabi about the release of the Sinai and a number of other important issues.

Al-Fajr monitors the most prominent of these files, which are covered in the following lines by the "Tok-Shaw" program on the spot.

– Disclosure of the latest developments in the new education system

The Minister of Education, Mustafa Sultan Madbouli, held Saturday a meeting with ministers of education and communication to follow up the new education system in terms of offering internet services in public schools.

Sultan pointed out that 77% of the current plan has been implemented and that the internet service will be delivered to 1837 schools, a number of schools will be connected with them in the coming period.

He added that the curricula of the new year were treated in the context of the fact that there is a program to train 128 thousand teachers, pointing out that students have the idea that there is a change in the curriculum and the method of study and evaluation systems.

– Mohamed al-Orabi: Sinai Declaration free of terrorism soon

Former Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Orabi said that the success of the security forces in the attempt to thwart the attempt to target a safety nuisance in El Arish was a great success. He said that the terrorist elements lost their fortune after the armed forces succeeded in controlling the situation in Sinai.

Al-Arabi said during his hosting on the channel "Echo of the country" that terrorist groups tried to prove themselves through attempts at terrorist operations failed, adding that the comprehensive Sinai operation 2018 has the potential of terrorists in the recent period reduced.

The former foreign minister expressed his admiration for the role of the armed forces in the eradication of terrorism in the recent period, in the expectation that Sinai will soon be declared free of terrorism.

– Parliamentarian: The Egyptian soldier is an authentic metal and has no parallel in the world

Major General Salama al-Gohary, deputy of the National Defense and Security Committee in the House of Representatives, said that the success of the security forces in countering the attempt to attack a safety nuisance in El Arish is a decoration on the chest of police and evidence of his vigilance.He pointed out that the terrorist elements believed the end of Eid al- For the security forces.

"The police are ready to tackle the terrorist elements," said al-Jawhari during a telephone interview with the satellite channel Sada al-Balad on Saturday night, adding that the Egyptian soldier is an authentic metal and has no parallel in the world.

He added that the martyrdom of soldiers emphasizes their colleagues to keep the homeland and obtain the certificate, adding that there is cooperation between the security forces and the people of Sinai.

– Marwan Younis: The Brotherhood has issued Masoum Marzouk to exploit the human rights magazine

Marwan Younis, the political advisor to the Egyptian support coalition, said that the Brotherhood believes that it will not release any files relating to the Egyptian state, which would lead to the search for a civilian shell to cover up the infiltration of the political scene.

"Younis", during a telephone conversation with the program "Public Opinion" that was broadcast on saturday "ten", that the rise of Masoud Marzouk on the political stage is not new, since the Brotherhood has followed the same method, the bastion: " Brotherhood gave Masoum Marzouk when they played With a human rights card ".

He explained that the moaning and swearing around Masoum Marzouq and his group is a new attempt to pervert Egypt. He added, "The Brotherhood's plan is open."

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