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Qarmooti appears as "Qnu Balh" in the air … and recommends the Balalh government well

Al-Qarmouti calls Madbouli to ride the wheel and the metro: "We have a surprise"

Garmoti treats pomegranate in the air .. And surprised by the fruits of corrupt: "Xftoni"

Qarmooti discusses the news of "home country" about the requests of Anisa Hassoun from the Ministry of Agriculture

The media reporter Jaber Al-Qarmouti took the Suhoor meal in the air during the Monday episode of his program, "Manchit Al-Qarmouti", broadcast via Al-Nahar TV, in preparation for the fasting of Arafah.

Al-Qarmooti congratulated the entire Arab and Islamic nation and asked everyone to forgive, allow and visit during Eid.

Al-Qarmouti thanks all Egyptian newspapers, magazines and websites from which the news has been selected, including the newspaper Al-Watan and his electronic portal Al-Qarmooti decided the episode with the answer to the ether.

Date: 2018-08-20

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