Egypt News Latest news / armed forces hold 10 training courses to qualify workers' leaders in governorates

The leadership of the PDF and the army in cooperation with the General Federation of Trade Unions of Egypt organizes 10 trainings as a subsidy from the armed forces to rehabilitate more than 6,000 members of labor leaders from different government agencies of the Republic.
The courses include lectures for a number of strategic experts at the Nasser Military Academy, the College of Command and Staff, a number of senior officers of the Armed Forces, the Army, the Ministry of Moral Affairs, the Center for Human Development and Behavioral Sciences. , and a number of Egyptian university professors.
The importance of major national projects carried out by the Egyptian state, the positive and effective role of the Egyptian worker in building the country, the heroism and sacrifices offered by the heroes of the armed forces and the civilian police in the extensive operation "Sinai 2018"
These courses are part of the activities and activities carried out by the PDF and the military in collaboration with all labor groups to consolidate the values ​​and principles of patriotism, as hard work is the most important. of the General Command of the Armed Forces to develop the national consciousness of the leaders and workers' groups and to develop the spirit of work and the giving of Egypt.

Date: 2018-08-19

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