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Now I remember that the new Prime Minister of Italy, Joseppe Conte, went to the presidency the first day, taxi fare, and then was responsible for the driver .. He did not say to him: Thank you the Almighty, and without volunteering the taxi driver says against him: free Pasha, without asking him The personal card to communicate with him .. The original that the prime minister will meet him on the street, and the right of the citizen to go to him whenever he wants!

This is a different culture. The taxi ride did not reduce the value of the prime minister and his behavior was not a matter of ridicule and ridicule. It was no reason for the guards to ignore him. He did not go out here. The press did not go out. to say that Conte was practicing. & # 39; ".. It was a message that the prime minister came with a message of austerity and control performance in the government apparatus!

Sure, neither the conservatives nor the deputies have black Mercedes cars, some MPs have been a few years old on the fingers of a single hand, if he had done everything he could, he could not buy a Mercedes, then he returned to ordinary citizens without Mercedes. I'm talking about logic, but this does not concern me. Is it a shame that someone has a youth car?

The story I mean is not what he has, nor what he has .. I just want the governor to live by nature .. And go to the markets and people feel .. And walking in the side streets, Balash processions and traffic badges. I mean, if he wants to know the pains of the province And besides … By the way, all conservatives are not known and their faces are already known and do not know people or the media!

A chance for the conservatives and deputies to move without restrictions The processions The chance to make the side streets part of the Governor's interest Take the taxi to the markets Take your own cars without the government numbers and know the services Do personal maneuvers if you want to succeed. For the directors of the offices and the secretaries of the public. Otherwise you will come out in the next bulletin when you enter!

Moving without caravans .. Take the taxi & # 39; s and metro .. Ministers of Europe cycle … Prime Ministers ride by taxi .. Know the problems of your provinces. Unfortunately, the streets behind the provincial building complain to you .. Ask Giza government «model» .. and confirmed that it happened in all the governorates of Egypt!

«Forced to confess» .. Ask the lawyer of the monk to examine again with their client (details)

Date: 2018-09-02

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