Egypt News Today Today – Cairo: "National Human": We have received 227 reports of forced disappearance cases. And this is their fate

News from Egypt today – Cairo: «National man»: We have received 227 reports of cases of enforced disappearance .. This is their fate News source – News Egypt – Alsharouk with the details of the news «National man»: We have received 227 notifications about cases of enforced disappearance .. This is their fate:

Hafez Abu Saada, a member of the National Council for Human Rights, said the Council was very interested in the phenomenon of enforced disappearance after he had spoken about it and released several reports on this subject between 2015 and 2016. He pointed out the formation of a commission at that time to receive and study the communications. The commission had received 227 communications and the fate of those things had been reached.

He added that "enforced disappearance is one of the crimes against humanity under international law," meaning that official organs of the state arrest and detain people in the country. A place that his family does not know and the detainee does not know the charges against him, and therefore the possibility to be tortured because the arrest is not authorized by the public prosecutor.

He pointed out that the Council was surprised at reports from many organizations that thousands of people are forcibly disappearing in Egypt and point out that some organizations are regarded as enforced disappearances, in addition to the failure of the state due to the parents' lack of knowledge at the police department. in which the arrested persons were detained.

He added: "There can be no question of violations of this magnitude and the silence of the Council, so we went to the Minister of the Interior and then Major General Majdi Abdul Ghaffar, to respond categorically to these accusations, and sent the ministry's sectors respond quickly.

He pointed to the formation of a joint committee of the Human Rights Council and the Ministry of the Interior Families, lawyers and organizations were invited to submit reports to the National Council for Human Rights to seek persons, adding that the Council received 227 reports. In cases that are investigated by the Public Prosecution Service and are detained in official prisons, and their family members have been informed of this and where they are.

He pointed out that the council has found 40 cases that have not been arrested and are at home with them, among other things that are not present in the prisons of the Ministry of the Interior and are not present in their homes, which are probably in the terrorist groups will join, some are arrested at airports abroad. About the fate of 80 names on the list.

The Council has established a permanent mechanism for receiving reports on the phenomenon of enforced disappearances to be examined and to deal with any new cases.

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