Egypt Today governor of Alexandria emphasizes the solution of the problems of the villages of Montazah countryside

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From the site of the seventh day, on Monday, October 1, 2018.

Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansoua, governor of Alexandria, conducted an extensive inspection trip to Azab and the villages of the first district of El Montazah to discover the problems of the villagers on the ground. He stressed the need to work on a solution as quickly as possible. General of the Government and Major General Hamdi Al Hashash, deputy secretary general and members of the House of Representatives for the Department, the President of the district and all executive officials of health, education, catering, roads, transport, gas, electricity, water, sanitation and hygiene and other agencies.

During the tour the governor ordered the district officials, the central campaign to beautify the city and Nahdet Misr Company to remove all the waste from the removal of the building, to intensify the cleaning campaigns and to eliminate the waste in the villages, and allocate a number of generators to collect the waste and bring it within the set deadlines. To allow for any irregularities, and also instructed road officials to complete the plan to smooth roads and increase efficiency and return to the original after the completion of the natural gas project.

In the field of electricity and water problems, Qanswa has tasked the electricity officials with the revision of the electricity network in the villages and to increase their efficiency and the lighting of lighting posts in the disadvantaged areas. He also instructed officials to take samples of drinking water in areas where residents complained about the presence of water pollution for analysis by the competent laboratories and to ensure their validity to reassure citizens. In the villages, laboratories emphasized that the supply officials had to inspect and pass on all bakeries, and ensure that it immediately complied with the specifications and specific weight and penalties and fining offenders, as well as the sale of food and meat in areas with a shortage of Montaza. villages first.

At the same level, the governor accused the sanitary officials of a rapid review of all correspondences before the beginning of the winter season and equal to the road, in addition to covering the sources to preserve the lives of the citizens and to prepare the necessary studies. prepare for the introduction of the sewerage project in the disadvantaged areas in these villages. And 24-hour ambulances at the places and centers assigned to them in villages, all of them failing, as well as the task of health officials, the necessary reports on all health departments and their needs to serve at full power to serve the people Kaka, punishable ask. From estates and villages that are going over it

On the other hand, Dr Abdel Aziz Qanswa, governor of Alexandria, called an emergency meeting tonight with the education officials and the educational buildings to discuss and study all the problems that the schools of Azab and the villages of Al Montazah first had to undergo, with most important the high density of students in the education classes. Education

He said that he will work hard to solve these problems as quickly as possible, and accelerate the establishment of better schools to absorb these densities and provide the necessary requirements.

It is worth noting that the tour consisted of traffic in the streets of Azab, Mohsen, Khurshid, Zawaideh, migrants, Maraghi villages, the village of the 500, Tahrir, Mahmudiya and Siyouf roads, schools, health departments and bakeries passing on, overseeing on cleaning work, road paving, sanitation, natural gas projects, electricity networks and expressing concerns. Schools, which the governor has entrusted to all officials in his own way to solve the problems and submit an immediate report.

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