Egyptian-Vietnamese relations are old and historical

Ambassador Bassam Radhi, spokesperson for the presidency of the republic, said that the Egyptian relations are very old and historic, and not the relations that have recently been noticed, noting that relations between the two countries are extensive and historical.
Radhi said during his statements to Radio Egypt that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is pursuing a new way of cooperation with all the countries of the world. He pointed to the exploitation of the international relations that Egypt brings together with the countries of the world, especially countries with similarities. experiences with Egypt, In his development experience.
The official spokesman for the Republic presidency, that the state of Vietnam is similar to Egypt, and has reached its industrial and economic boom and work for 30 years, indicating that the Vietnamese state has achieved great success.
He also confirmed that the talks between the two Presidents today were based on two issues: "increasing exports – specialized industrial zones" and working on them in the near future through cooperation between the two countries.

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