Eight people were detained in Kafr al-Sheikh on charges of vandalism and cutting off the road

The prosecutor of the Disouq Center, under the supervision of counsel Ahmad Ashour, Attorney General of the Kafr El-Sheikh District prosecution, ordered the imprisonment of 8 residents of the village of Abiouqa, Desouq, for 15 days, on charges of vandalism, roadblocks and the destruction of police cars. Cutting off the Kafr El-Sheikh-Desouq way to protest against the death of a child in a traffic accident.

The village of Abiouqa, located in the center of Disouq, witnessed skirmishes and riots between the villagers and the security forces against the background of cutting the road of Desouq – Kafr El Sheikh, who came through the village through the death of the child Mohammed Hani Naim. Serves travelers to Damanhour and Alexandria.

Some residents of the village said that they had repeatedly demanded that industrial roadblocks were set up by the Wegenwacht to protect passersby from pedestrians as they crossed the road, but no reaction was received from both locations or roads, causing many accidents and negligence. His two-hour-old child in Baduq's general hospital and the occurrence of bleeding caused his death.

The residents added that the angry youngsters gathered and closed the way from both sides to pressurize the officials to respond to the work of industrial obstacles to protect the people against accidents, but did not respond, especially because the security was asked to stop the first stop. Verbal arguments were developed for mutual collisions between the two parties.

One of the security leaders in Kafr Al-Sheikh said that they had been informed that the people of Qabrit cut the road between Kafr El-Sheikh and Desouq and the traffic disruption for more than an hour, by stones and pieces damage the wood and ignition tapes, led by Major General Nasser Rashad, the General Director of the Kafr El-Sheikh Security Directorate, Major General Mohammed Ammar, the director of the Criminal Intelligence Department, the officers of the Disuq Police Station and the central security forces , they tried to convince the angry residents that the road had to be opened, The general road and the presence of travelers Borg El Arab airport and holiday travelers in Lake, Alexandria and Kafr El Sheikh, in addition to the existence of pathological cases and the the elderly, children and women, but their attempts to refuse the people to open the road, and the insistence of security to find the way o there were verbal quarrels in which some people threw stones at the existing troops, and responded by burning a number of tear gas to spread them to open the road.

The security source revealed that 3 police cars, 3 armored vehicles and 2 cars from the Central Security forces as a result of throwing stones, as well as the injury of a recruiter.

The security forces managed to open the way and stop the traffic movement after 3 hours of stopping. The troops managed to arrest at the beginning of events 8. They were detained by the Public Prosecutor's Office.13 others were identified by the instigators,.

According to the accusations submitted by the Desouq Center, the eight suspects, including the crowd, blocking a highway, the disturbance of peaceful security, the disruption of traffic from the "Disouk-Kafr Al-Sheikh" way, the resistance of the authorities and the attack on an officer and police officers, Imad Abdo "of the force of the police station Fuh, and the acquisition of weapons used in the attack on persons without legal form to bear them, and vandalism and deliberately destroyed police cars. consisting of three armored vehicles and two cars from the Central Security forces made them unprepared for the public good, the Prosecution decided to keep them for 15 days pending investigation, This was released by the record number 11009 for the year 2018 , the director of the malicious center Facebook Facebook logo.

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