Fayoum governor meets the Shahid family in Al-Arish bombing

Major General Issam Saad, the governor of Fayoum, received today at his work the family of Martyr Mustafa Ahmed Ahmed Abed Rabbo, who was martyred on 25 August in the north of Sinai, and called on the family of the martyr to his name. opening at one of the governmental schools.

The Governor referred their request to the release of the name of the martyr to one of the schools for the naming committee to take the necessary legal proceedings. He also instructed the Director-General of the Workforce to provide an appropriate opportunity for to offer the brother of the martyr.

Fayoum governor confirmed that the door of his office is open to all families of martyrs to listen to their complaints and needs and to help them and find a way to solve their problems.

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