Financial: Al Fakkah automatic machines near the main metro stations

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The Ministry of Finance has started to study the application of modern systems to allow the "Al-Fakha of coins" and to increase their delivery, after the problem caused by the lack of availability in case of congestion for the outlets that sell subway stations.

The ministry is currently investigating the signing of an agreement with a European company to obtain a number of cash dispensers with which citizens can obtain currencies for paper currencies, "Alfaqah machines", to decipher banknotes of different categories with metal blocks. .

A statement from the ministry said that the operation of one of the machines delivered by the company will be tested free of charge before the contract, to verify the usefulness of the use, and will be made available in the main stations of the metro within a short time. to help the citizens, they need a squatter to buy metro tickets.

The statement added that the Ministry is currently considering issuing a new currency in the two pound category to further facilitate citizens and comparable to the same category of coins offered by some Arab and European countries to help citizens to clarify that the importance of currency exchange will be greater in the next few years. Currency & # 39; s help different categories to provide them with markets.

Abdul Raouf Al-Ahmadi, head of the currency service, said for his part that the interest ended with the processing of large quantities of Fakkah to be offered on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, during which the trade movement had a noticeable recovery in the movement of sales. and buy saw.

He explained that during the current fiscal year, larger quantities of introduced coins from last year will be proposed in implementation of the work plan adopted by Dr Mohamed Maith, Minister of Finance.

In turn, Major General Hossam Khadr, head of the General Treasury Department, said that the Authority provided many public entities with "LE 50 piasters, 25 piastres", and that the total quantity of fakha offered monthly is approximately LE 7 million. Distributed to provide liquidity on the markets.

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